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UV resistant thread

Internally bonded polyester 

(Finished Product)

Internally bonded polyester is our signature product with the most exciting industrial applications. Specially designed for the most extreme and heavy duty applications such as sails, tents, canvas, leather, upholstery, automobile seating, out-door and upholstery.

Internally bonded Nylon #66    (Finished product)

Internally bonded thread
Heavy duty thread

Internally bonded Nylon #66

Polyester Embroidery Yarn

A trilobal polyester filament yarn for multi-head computer machines

Extra strong sewing thread
Outdoor sewing thread

Twisted High Tenacity Polyester Filament Yarn

Twisted Internally Bonded Polyester Yarn

Kevlar thread

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  • Minimum purchase order 50 cones


  • 1000m~4000m per cone/Yardage depends on specificity of desired product.


  • FOB or EXW service available for commercial customers


  • Door to Door service available for non-commercial customers

  • Samples available at customer's expense

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