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When deciding which product is  best suited for your needs, nothing is more important than understanding the differences in threads.

Normal thread

Non-bonded thread is what you might typically find when searching for threads. They are easily manufactured and represent no efforts to enhance or guarantee quality. Expect unbonded threads to fray, break and lint.

Out bonded thread

Internally bonded thread

Out-bonded thread is the most commonly found bonded thread. The coating mechanism involves covering the thread in its adhesive/wax or glue. The result is a thread that is useful only for a limited time. The exterior coating will also shed a layer when going through your machine, resulting in dramatic discoloration.

Internally bonded thread (IBP)'s bonding mechanism is guaranteed at a microscopic level. The bonding process is a precise and patented science. The lack of outer bonding means our thread will suffer zero discoloration when going through your machine, leave no chafe or residue for you to deal with and our UV protective/resistant dye will guarantee the thread retains its color even after long hours of exposure.

Practical features

Threads that have been exteriorly bonded will unply and come undone once the bonding agent has been washed off, faded or removed. The external bonding agent may also contain harmful chemicals that will also damage your sewing machine.

With our internally bonded sewing thread you wont have to worry about any of these problems. Our thread is gauranteed to stay together and the lack of exterior coating means no damage to your expensive sewing machine.


Our H.T yarn products undergo a rigorous process in which the plies are twisted several times until the optimal level of tightness is achieved.


Our bonded products are melded together internally restulting in a product with exceptional strength.

The lack of exterior coating in our bonding process results in a thread that is sleek, clean and free of harmful chemicals.

Clear difference

The difference in quality is clearly visable through the naked eye. While non-bonded threads will un-ply and lose their consistency ours is gauranteed to remain perfectly stiched and twisted, no matter the application.


At Embro we pride ourselves in the quality of our product.

But we know that pride is not enough, for that reason we regularly test and certify the consistency of our product.


It took us a great while to learn the processes and techniques required to bring you this product. Since its inception in 2005 we have continuesly and aggressively fought to keep and maintain our patent, resulting in the best possible product offered to the buyer, always.

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